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Join us at the foreboding Allum hall and Manor house,

This grade 2 listed building has records of residents living here as early as 1827 when Thomas Jemmitt lived here, over the next 100 years the house stayed as private residence where many different families called the manor house home including army captains,

In the 1940's it was decided a community centre was needed in Elstree and Borehamwood was needed and after many years of discussions in July 1953 Allum hall and manor house filled this purpose.

During a visit during the day the Twilight team felt many presences in the building and in one of the upstairs room we had some fantastic K2 and REM-POD making us very excited to investigate this historic building.
Event Date 28-07-2018 7:00 pm
Event End Date 29-07-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 21
Individual Price £45.00
Location Allum Hall and Manor House
A very special opportunity to spend the whole weekend investigating this Victorian school, now converted in to the oak raven field centre in the heart of the Forest of Dean. Your breakfasts, dinners, accommodation and two nights of ghost hunting plus workshops is all included in the price.
Event Date 10-08-2018 8:00 pm
Event End Date 12-08-2018 12:00 pm
Capacity 20
Available places 12
Individual Price £200.00
Charlton House situated in Greenwich London was built at some point between 1607 and 1617 by Sir Adam Newton, It is a Jacobean house with many years of history including in 1680 when it was purchased by Sir William Langhorne where it stayed in his families possession for many years. It was later used as a hospital for officers in World War I shortly after the War Greenwich council took over ownership of this stunning building.

One of the spirits said to reside here is Sir William Langhorne who is said to roam the halls looking for a young lady to give him new heir, another story connected to the building is that during restoration work a mummified baby was found in the fireplace of one of the rooms, it is said the baby belonged to a servant who was either stillborn or due to panic of its terrified mother was placed into the fireplace shortly after birth.

Who will you come into contact with when you join us at the incredible Charlton House?
Event Date 18-08-2018 10:00 pm
Event End Date 19-08-2018 4:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 21
Individual Price £55.00
Location Charlton House
In the middle of a field in Essex sits a small cottage with a big secret, underneath this cottage lies a vast underground bunker built capable of holding up to 600 people in event of a nuclear attack during the Cold War.

Many Apparitions are said to be at the bunker including a grey lady and a RAF officer, one of the more sinister areas of the building is the sick bay where dark shadows are seen and many feel a oppressive spirit in the area.

Twilight Ghost Hunts are so excited to investigate this amazing location with its varied history and even better once the ghost hunting has finished you have the option of bedding down at the location until 7am.. if you dare!
Event Date 15-09-2018 9:00 pm
Event End Date 16-09-2018 7:00 am
Capacity 40
Available places 37
Individual Price £55.00
Location Kelvedon Hatch Secret Bunker
Join twilight in nottingham for our very first ever investigation at the Robin Hood legacy! We love the story of Robin Hood and can’t wait to return to Nottingham to experience what this quirky museum has to offer!
Event Date 22-09-2018 9:00 pm
Event End Date 23-09-2018 3:00 am
Registration Start Date 19-06-2018 12:00 am
Cut off date 22-09-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 27
Available places 27
Individual Price £37.00
Event Date 25-10-2018 8:00 pm
Capacity 60
Available places 58
Individual Price £22.00
Found in Bursledon near Southampton this historic farm and museum in located in 400 acres of farmland and holds hundreds of years of history,

Manor farm has been a working farm for over 600 years and was once in the centre of Botley as time went on this farm grew more and more isolated but what secrets are held in the number of buildings on site?

What makes this location extra special is not only is there a 15th century farmhouse and what is know known as the wartime cottage used for the filming of BBC TV show 'Wartime Farm'. We will also have the opportunity to investigate deconsecrated chancel of the 13th century St Bartholomew’s church, it is surrounded by graves that are hundreds of years old and duck pond that was spoken of in the Doomsday book.

What secrets will we uncover at Manor farm.. Start your ghost story with Twilight and find out.
Event Date 26-10-2018 8:00 pm
Event End Date 27-10-2018 3:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 29
Individual Price £49.00
Location Manor Farm
This large Grade II listed building in North London was built in 1859 on land formerly known as Temple croft. It was brought by Henry 'inky' Stephens who was famous for manufacturing ink. When he died in 1918 he left the house and gardens to the people of Finchley.

This beautiful building has given us some fantastic activity on previous investigations, particularly in the basement and small attic room. The ghost of a lady has been seen and her presence felt roaming the top floor and children have also been heard laughing.
Event Date 26-10-2018 10:00 pm
Event End Date 27-10-2018 4:00 am
Capacity 40
Available places 40
Individual Price £59.00
Event Date 27-10-2018 8:00 pm
Event End Date 28-10-2018 2:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 30
Individual Price £49.00
Event Date 27-10-2018 9:00 pm
Event End Date 28-10-2018 4:00 am
Registration Start Date 02-07-2018 12:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 26
Individual Price £59.00
Location The Ragged School Museum