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This will be a very special Halloween horror Ghost hunt at the village in mansfield! A notorious location, which will know have a Twilight twist.... horror cosplayers attending for the ultimate Halloween ghost hunt experience...... and yes, Halloween is for the whole of October!♥️
Event Date 12-10-2019 8:00 pm
Event End Date 13-10-2019 4:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 27
Individual Price £39.00
Location the village
The ragged school was originally opened by Dr Barnardo in the 1880s, after he witnessed the terrible living conditions in the east end of London.
The school taught thousands of unfortunate children over its years until it finally closed it doors in 1907. Originally  used as a warehouse to stock goods that where to be transported via the regents canal way next to the building.

It has been used for many different industrial uses over the years since it closed as a school, until the locals decided to restore it to show how victorian children at the ragged would have spent their days.
The school rooms have proved active in the past, with noises, k2 hits and once a group saw a small child behind the glass window.

The basement here is said to be haunted by a disgruntled caretaker, affecting women in particular. We have had some excellent evps and spirit box results here too and on one occassion a table moved on its own and a bell rang from an unknown source!

Join the Twilight team at The famous ragged school to have your experience of the ghosts that haunt here!
Event Date 25-10-2019 9:00 pm
Event End Date 26-10-2019 3:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 13
Individual Price £69.00
Location The Ragged School Museum

The land at Stephens house and garden dates back to the knights Templar, later king Henry VIII would have a claim to it as well.
This historic building was actually lived in by Henry “inky” Stephens, previously a surgeon, who then created the famous blue ink, making him somewhat of a Victorian celebrity! The building was ravished by fire in the 1980s and was rebuilt to hold and retain as much of the original fixtures and theme.

This house was also used as a hospital and look out point during both world wars, the basement being used as a morgue for many years. The land itself dates back to the knights Templars and was once owned by king Henry! Also used in ww1 with the basement lending itself as a morgue & in ww2 as a look out post. So many different energies exist here and our stories here are countless... it simply is one of the best places we have the privilege to investigate!

Become a paranormal investigator this Halloween  with our friendly and experienced team who will train you up with all of our equipment and techniques in a workshop, guide you through varied structured vigils throughout the location over the night and give you allocated time to explore and investigate the building and the grounds on your own and with friends, giving you the opportunity to hold your own vigils and experiments with our vast range of paranormal equipment! 

Event Date 26-10-2019 9:00 pm
Event End Date 27-10-2019 3:00 am
Capacity 30
Available places 19
Individual Price £59.00
Location Avenue House

The Privett school has never been investigated before or first investigation this summer- you will be some of the first to investigate this wonderful building! 

Our guests experienced a range of experiences, phantom voices calling out to us LOUDLY, messages via the planchette and ouija board, strange smells, guests feeling sickly and in having pains- but only in one room. Footsteps and knocks where heard in response to questioning. We feel we have just scratched the surface as this beautiful and picturesque location, we can’t wait to see what we will uncover on this next visit. 

Your evening will begin at 7pm for a welcome with the Twilight team and a light supper before we get stuck in to our vigils for the nights across the building and also using the old school courtyard outside and the land which is next to the graveyard. 

Time will of course be allocated for you to use our equipment and to investigate with just your friends during the evening. 

At the end of our ghost hunt there will be a bed waiting for you where you can get some much needed sleep! 

Breakfast will be served in the morning and a few hours to relax and slowly get your self ready for a late check out of 1pm. 

The church next door is open until quite late and is free for you to visit and enjoy, but please note we do not use the church in any way for our investigating and it is NOT part of the Privett school. 

This will be a wonderful evening away in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, the Twilight team are so excited to return and share your ghost hunt experience with you! 

Tickets can be secured with a £15pp deposit to secure your place!


Event Date 16-11-2019 7:00 pm
Event End Date 17-11-2019 1:00 pm
Capacity 20
Available places 20
Individual Price £60.00
We return to Oak raven for a special Christmas ghost hunt weekend in the Forest of Dean!

More details to follow!
Event Date 06-12-2019 7:00 pm
Event End Date 08-12-2019 1:00 pm
Capacity 18
Available places 13
Individual Price £180.00