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Whilst used as a prison this was known as a brutal gaol, particularly whilst under the rule of of Marshall William smith a 17th century prison keeper. Prisoners had to pay for their own

Upkeep, filled with vermin, disease and sewage is was common for prisoners to either starve to death, or die of disease or from the cold. The youngest prisoner here was 7 year old Julie Anne Crimpling, who stole a pram, it was very common to have children this young here. The last public execution took place in 1863, in 1970 the medical wing was added to supervise and separate the sick inmates. 

In its earlier years during the height of civil war, a fierce battle for the throne took place between Stephen and Matilda, grandchildren of William the conqueror. Matilda was by rights the heir to the thrown but being a woman she found herself besieged in oxford castle for 3 months in the winter of 1142. Matilda made one of the greatest escapes in history by being lowered down the castle walls in the dead of night during December, donning a white cape, allowing her to pass through enemy lines against the think snow falling. She then put on a pair of ice skates and skated across the frozen Thames to the safety of wellington castle. The siege ended in 1154 when Matilda agreed to give Stephen the throne signing a treaty under the condition that upon his death the thrown would be handed down to her some Henry. Stephens reign was short lived and he died shortly after the treaty was signed. 

It was after his civil war that the castle was used as a prison with its brutal reputation.

Famous ghosts here include highway man Isaac Darkin and Anne green who was hanged in 1650, somehow surviving the ordeal. 

Outside the castle is an impressive 11 century mound, with a vaulted wall chamber.

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