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About Us

Twilight ghost hunts have always had a fascination and interest in the paranormal and unexplained. We have spent years ghost hunting in countless venues up and down the UK, gaining our own experiences and evidence. It is because of our love of ghost hunting, that we decided to share this wonderful experience with you. We believe you should have your own beliefs and bring them with you on events to find your own truth with any experience you may have.

We believe it is important to feel comfortable and safe on our ghost hunts. Our staff are experienced within the paranormal field and have hosted hundred's of events all over the country. We have experienced a whole spectrum of spooky goings on between us, so we are here to make you feel welcome, confident and safe with what you are doing on our events. Please ask us on the night of your event if you want to try something or are feeling anxious about anything - we are here to help you and make your event memorable.

We want you, the guest, to have the best experience you possibly can. We can guarantee on every event that none of our team will affect any equipment or try to scare you, this is simply not what we are about. We want you to have a 'real' experience. We operate on respect, respect for the spirits who may come forward and respect for each other. We all come from different walks of life and have different beliefs about the paranormal and what you may experience on an event. All we ask is that you respect each others views and opinions and come with an open mind! We believe that we need a good mixture of people on events, sceptics and true believers which keeps it balanced and real!

Most of all we want you to have fun and enjoy your event with us.