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This was one very cold night last December! After a brief introduction to the team and a tour of the location and the five buildings we had access to, with our medium Andy, we split our group up, new guests had a workshop where they got to learn about the equipment and what they can expect whilst our experienced ghost hunters got underway with vigils in different areas of the gunpowder mills. After a quick break we got our group in to small teams who where allocated time with each team member throughout the location trying different experiments and equipment
The 1940's exhibit area was team member Laura's area for the night, where the spirit box was used alongside some glass divination. The first two vigils where slow starters, but we did get some interesting results with the spirit box, with some very cheeky words thrown out by a mischievous spirit!! One of the stand out vigils in this area was one of the last ones, where a guests name was repeated several times from the franks box, as well as some interesting taps and knocks inside the room whilst we also had some very interesting glass divination going on!
Andy was based in the Spinks gallery for the night, with his groups experiencing lots of noises around them, some sounding like footsteps! Andy connected to the spirit of a lady and a child here and was asking for interaction with them throughout the vigils. There where several kII spikes and some excellent experiences for guests doing energy circles, human pendulum and transfiguration! Some of the guests reported feeling very un-easy in this area and were seeing shadows moving from the corner of their eye!
The Laboratory which is the site of where an explosion took place many years, is where team member Ellis was based. Table tipping was the vigil in this area, alongside kII meters set out and an evp recorder. Although some vigils where more 'active' than others with table tipping, but looking back over the vigils, what happened was actually amazing!Tables moving with just fingertips resting on the edge... that is pretty awesome! There where also some fantastic evps that where caught in this area too, which Ellis spent hours going through then adding to our sound cloud!
The women at war gallery was Matt's area for the evening and the groups where mainly trying the ouija board, with some really great messages from spirit coming through, along with some lovely personal messages for the guests, which was lovely to be part of.
Our guests had some great spooky experiences during the free time they had allocated to them and i must say that some of them where extremely brave throughout the night, trying lone vigils in some very dark and eerie areas!
Well done to all the guests who really where such a pleasure to spend the evening with, you all tried so hard and really got stuck in to every single vigil, which is what its all about- We where well rewarded with activity and validation from the spirits who did come through and we had a lot of laughs along the way! This is an exceptional venue that we are extremely proud to have in our ghost hunt diary! We cannot wait to return here with more guests to see what we will experience, think we have just scratched the surface!
Until next time ghost hunters!
The Twilight team
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