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Brighton old cells and court really surpassed all our expectations on our ghost hunt here in January! We took our group of guests on a walk around tour of the location which included the town hall court, the female and male prison cells and the very creepy basement. The court itself is very intimidating in the dark, the judges chair set in the centre and the high ceilings give a great atmosphere and leave you with the feeling you are being watched. As we descended down in to the underground cells, down a narrow stair case, you can really image how it would have felt to have been a prisoner being escorted down to your prison cell. The cells are divided in to two parts, male and female, the male cells being larger than the womens section. We began our tour here by using a kII meter and trying a bit of calling out to see if we could get any responses! The first group had some excellent responses to questioning via the kII and we also heard several knocks and noises from one of the cells, making a few of our guests want to quickly move away from the door! In the women's cell area, we didnt get any kII spikes on either of the walk around tours, but several of the guests reported smelling a very floral perfume smell. The cells themselves are covered and filled with police memorabillia and items, reminding us that these where very active and busy cells when they where in use. We headed further underground to the basement, which is where the police officers would have kept their uniforms and personal items, this was the area where police constable Henry Soloman was murdered by an escaped cell mate, the fireplace that resides there is home to an archive of reports and images regarding this death. Interestingly, adjoining the basement either side are two seperate areas, one side is the shower and bathroom area, the other a very derelict cave like room, with some incredibly spooky bookcases where  hundered's of files of old paper work is now stored- some of our guests caught some excellent photos in this area.
After our tours of the building had finished we split up in to three small teams for the night and began our vigils!
Team host Matt was based in the courtroom for the night using kII meters and a ouija board, Ellis was splitting vigils between the male and female cells attempting table tipping for the evening and Laura was sent to the pitch black basement using the kII meter, franks box and trying energy circles to get responses from spirit.
Our evening got underway and across the board, in each vigil there was something to report back! There where many personal and other messages given via the ouija board with some excellent kII spikes to accompany the constant activity, the courtroom seemed very active throughout the evening!
The cell areas where great with small bursts of table tipping happening for our guests who did so brilliant at taking charge and calling out! The basement area was also active with several voices being heard throughout all the vigils, one voice was definately a man, that much was crystal clear, but unfortunately it wasnt quite clear enough for us to make out all the correspondance we heard! One of our guests reported seeing the silhouette of a man peeping out from the door way, many guests took photos at this time and whilst we didnt capture an image of a man or any outlines, there where some fantastic orbs caught from several different people!
During the guests alone time, they had full use of the cells and court room and everyone seemed to be having something going on when the team walked around to check on them! The best thing the team witnessed during the guests time alone, was in the basement where several guests had some amazing results with dowsing and KII meters, what was interesting is that as the guests where answering the questions, the answers where coming through on the dowsing rods and KII meter at the same time! It suddenly felt quite intimidating down there and fortunately it was time for us to all re group for our final vigil! The last set of vigils where all on the quiet side, with the exception of one vigil in the cell area! This was definately a high light of the night and such an amazing thing for our guests to witness! After several attempts at table tipping, the small group decided to place just a KII meter on the table and sit around the table with just their finger tips resting on the edge of the table. Asking questions, they received small spikes on the KII , but what happened next was nothing short of extraordinary! Several times, the KII meter was physically moved by an unseen force and raised/lifted off the table, only by a cm or so, but it was truly incredible to witness! This happened several times and our quick thinking team member managed to capture one of these moments on film! You can see this on our facebook page- definately worth viewing!
The guests here where an absolute pleasure to work with and the energy of the group was so uplifting throughout the night! Thank you to all our guests who attended here and spent the evening with us, we had a brilliant time with you all!
We are so looking forward to returning here in August! This event is already sold out, but we will most definately be making regular visits to Brighton old police cells!!!
Many Thanks,

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