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This ghost hunt was a week before Christmas and we certainly braved the elements that night! After greeting our guests and getting them settled in and defrosted from the freezing cold, we had a bit of a tour of the location led by our medium Andy who connected with several different energies in various areas of the mills. We had five buildings to use that night including the Laboratory, the 1940's exhibit, women at war gallery and the spinks gallery. We split everyone up in to small groups and started our vigils in the different areas!
The 1940's gallery was Laura where guests tried the spirit box (which creates a white noise enabling spirits to try and talk and communicate) and although this wasn't crystal clear, the first two groups had several results which definately led us to question what we where hearing- there where a few cheeky words mentioned alongside several of the guests having their name repeated upon request, which was fascination and shocking to hear! As the night drew on, the franks box results slowed down, so the guests incorporated some glass divination during the vigils. The most impressive vigil in the 1940's area was towards the end of the night, where we heard a guests name called out via the spirit box several time, sounding like a male voice, alongside some extremely quick and forceful glass movements and taps and knocks in the room!
The spinks gallery was home to our medium Andy for the night, with most groups saying that they felt quite nervous and un easy in that particular area, seeing shadows move from the corner of their eye and hearing lots of knocks and noises upon request! Andy tried some vigils with a human pendulum experience for the guests which had some very interesting results! Guests also reported feeling quite sickly in this area and as if they where being watched! The spirit of a child was picked up on in here as well as that of a gentleman.
Our team member Ellis was in the laboratory that evening, with guests trying table tipping in that area, which gave a variation of results- some where more active than otjhers but interestingly they had some great kII spikes to go alongside the activity they had. After the event, Eliis went through the evp recordings and actually got some very good results which can be found on our soundcloud page.
The women at war gallery was where Matt's groups where based for the night. They had some excellent messages via the ouija board- some from spirits of the gunpowder mills, which werent too crystal clear, but there where some excellent personal messages for our guests, leaving a few of them absolutely gobsmacked!
The guests spent their time alone wondering the buildings and holding their own vigils for some time with some fantastic results! One of our guests caught some amazing photos with countless orbs in!
This was a fantastic evening and the guests did so incredibly well to last until 4 am in the icy conditions we experienced! The gunpowder mills is a very unique location and as a team we definately has more to offer! We are very much looking forward to returning here again!
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