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St Briavels castle ghost hunt weekend

This summer it is time to return to the most haunted castle in the uk, The breath taking St Briavels in glouchestershire. 
Built in the early 12th century by William the conqueror,St Briavels was an important royal castle on the frontier with wales  and forest of dean, it was also a royal hunting ground with the king alone being allowed to hunt. 
The castle was in royal possession by the 1160s and a small but impressive keep was rebuilt by king Henry. 
The forest of Dean was important for another reason, it was one of the centres of the medieval iron industry, a vital source of supply for the manufacture of weapons, especially crossbow bolts, a favourite weapon of the mercenaries who where employed in considerable numbers by Henrys son, King John, who built a new hall and elaborate chamber block at St briavels.
Under Edward I, thousands of cross bow bolts where produced at the castle in preparation for the Kings Welsh and Scottish campaigns. With the conquest of Wales completed by the end of the 15th century, the castkes importance declined rapidly and unused buildings where demolished in 1680.
In the 18th and 19th century, the castle was rediscovered and became a debtors prison. King johns former bedroom, The solar room, was used as a court room. One can still find a stone which shows marks of swords and axes, a stone believed to relieve people of their heads! The oubliette, (french meaning "to foregt", was a common form of punishent and is still present in the castle today, in fact it is one of the many bedrooms guests will be sleeping in over the weekend with us!  The prison was closed due to many local riots and in the 20th century the castle was completely renovated. 
There is an abundance of ghost stories and famous haunted stories from St Briavels, the Oubliette room has reports of loud screams, bedsheets pulled off in the middle of the night and dark figures looming at the foot of the bed. We have witnessed green lights dancing in the chapel, mist/smoke appearing in the middle of the room and disappearing just as quickly, LOUD screams heard as we ate breakfast! The list goes on and we could tell you endless ghost stories from the castle, but there no better way to find out, than to  investigate it yourself with your friends!

We have limited the number of tickets available for this event to ensure a quality run weekend.

Your weekend includes:
*breakfasts both days and Saturday night dinner- all snacks and refreshments are available all weekend 
*Both evenings paranormal investigations of the castle and grounds
*Accomodation inside one of the beautiful castle bedrooms (Some rooms based on sharing, please ask for more info)
*Paranormal and dowsing workshops for new ghost hunters 
*Optional witchcraft circles with spells during Saturday day time 
*Access to all our range of paranormal equipment all weekend, to use with friends to conduct your own experiments
*Whilst we can NEVER promise you paranormal activity, we can promise a GREAT weekend, full of fun and laughter, with wonderful memories to take home!
All places can be booked with a deposit!

Event Properties

Event Date 19-08-2022 8:00 pm
Event End Date 21-08-2022 10:00 am
Capacity 30
Registered 26
Available places 4
Individual Price £210.00
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