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The Morpeth Arms dinner & ghost hunt

Twilight is thrilled to bring you a brand NEW location in the heart of London, The Morpeth Arms!

Built in 1845 in Pimlico, The Morpeth served the prison guards of Millbank penitentiary and became a holding facility for prisoners awaiting deportation to Australia. The cells are still beneath the pub today and are rumoured to have secret tunnels that prisoners used to escape captivity. The Morpeth is a working pub, which overlooks the impressive & intimidating MI6 building on the north bank of the river.

In June of 1816 the first prisoners where admitted to Millbank penitentiary,during construction, these where all women. Male prisoners followed in the January. It was plagued with problems from the offset, being built on Marsh lands & old plague pits, it caused subsidence. The building was creaking & windows spontaneously shattered. In addition to problems with construction, the marshy lands where festered with disease, in 1882 a epidemic swept through the prison causing dysentery, scurvy & other disorders.  A decision was made to evacuate the building for several months, female prisoners where released & make prisoners where transferred.

There where other issues with the building, sound carried so prisoners could talk amongst each other in cells, there where so many corridors prison wardens where getting lost, on top of disease & subsidence, a new “model prison”, known as Pentonville, opened in 1842.  Millbank became a holding depot for prisoners awaiting deportation.  Around 4,000 people a year where condemned & transported to Australia  annually by 1850.

Millbank finally closed in 1890 after becoming a military prison for a short while.

Standing on site of Millbank now, is the gate modern, The Royal Army medical college, the Chelsea college of Art & design and most impressively, using original brickwork from the prison, The Millbank estate.
Twilights evening at the Morpeth will begin with a dinner in the spy room, an introduction to our team followed by an evening of paranormal investigation! You will also have the opportunity to investigate for yourself using our range of paranormal equipment.
A menu choices will be sent to you 5 weeks before the event date in case of any menu changes. 

Although we are in a pub, as usual with all of our events, no alcohol is allowed to be consumed.

Event Properties

Event Date 08-10-2022 8:00 pm
Event End Date 09-10-2022 3:00 am
Capacity 24
Registered 17
Available places 7
Individual Price £55.00
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