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The royal gunpowder mills is in Waltham Abbey, which is thought to be the final resting place foe King Harold. Harold's church, the Holy Cross and St Lawrence is a stones throw from the mills- The Holy Cross, a black crucifix, found at Montacute in Somerset was brought to Waltham in about 1030 AD. It was believed to have great healing powers and the town became a centre of pilgrimage in medieval times.

The gunpowder mills have over 300 years of history in making gunpowder set in 170 acres of land, the royal gunpowder mills in historic Waltham abbey is one of our biggest venues.

From the mid-1850s onwards the site was involved in developing new nitro-based explosives and propellants as well as gunpowder.

There were mass fatalities at the mills, not just the dangerous working conditions but many people lost their lives caused by the huge explosion of one of the incorporating mills in the 1700's. The explosion was so loud it was heard throughout Waltham Abbey. Deaths that occurred here are documented and available at the local parish and in archives at the mill.

During wwII Over 6000 workers where on site at the mills, over 3000 of them where women. The women worked  in the powder mills in very dangerous conditions, playing crucial roles during the war. During World War II, Waltham Abbey remained an important cordite production unit and for the first two years of the war was the sole producer of RDX. RDX is one component of torpex, the explosive that was used in the Bouncing Bomb.

The Royal Gunpowder Mills finally closed on 28 July 1945.


For our special evening we will have access to one room in the Walton house, where Mrs waltons ghost has been seen many times by staff & visitors. Staff here have reported odd noises whilst walking through the different buildings and a general eerie feeling. During our investigations over the years, we have experienced strange light anomalies here, the sound of phantom rain, shadows walking past the windows and on one occasion we had a cup move on its own across the table towards us!

With a huge area to explore & investigate, the Royal gunpowder mills truly is a daunting place after dark!



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Event Date 12-11-2022 9:00 pm
Event End Date 13-11-2022 3:00 am
Capacity 30
Registered 20
Available places 10
Individual Price £55.00
Location Royal Gunpowder Mills
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