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Guide to Ghost Hunting

Twilight Ghost Hunts - guide to ghost hunts

Over the years, we have been with guests that have witnessed and experienced many things they cannot explain- which has been fascinating and sometimes very unsettling!  We will use various techniques and equipment to try and gain evidence of anything paranormal on our ghost hunt's including the good old tried and tested vigils such as glass divination, automatic writing, table tipping to the more technical and scientific  approach using various electrical items such as kII meters, laser grids, evp sessions, spirit box's etc . We welcome our guests to bring along cameras and recording equipment and take as many photos and  footage as they like, this can provide some great memories of your night with us and possibly even some evidence! It is always so interesting when guests take photos or recordings during our ghost hunts and something interesting or questionable is captured, especially if we had good results with other equipment at that time!

We recommend that you wear layered clothes and comfortable footwear to our events. Some venues have no heating and others can become very warm! You will be walking around the venue to explore and investigate and moving in between your vigils, it is better that you are comfortable for the duration of the event.

If you are new to ghost hunting, we will provide a small workshop for you, where we will explain all the equipment to you and how it works and also discuss what you can expect  before we get the night under way and  lead you in to a dark vigil! You will get to spend time with each team member and try different experiments, please do not be scared or shy to call out or ask questions! The team are here to facilitate the night for you and guide you along the way, but it is you who is the investigator for the evening! If there is anything you would like to try or have a go at, please ask a member of the team so they can try to enhance your experience, you are only at the event and location for one night, don't go home wishing you had tried something!

We will provide refreshments and light snacks for you throughout the night, to keep your energy levels buzzing through to the small hours, most of us aren't used to walking around dark buildings until 3/4am, so we will make sure you have lots of coffee and sugary treats to keep you up! However, if you would like to bring your own refreshments then please feel free to do so.

Behaviour whilst on a ghost hunt

As a team we pride ourselves on giving you the most authentic and real experience as we can, so we can absolutely guarantee that none of our team will fake anything or try to scare you. This is simply not what we are about, we have to respectfully ask the same of our guests.  It can be very unsettling at some of our locations as you will be working in a  dark and unfamiliar atmosphere, That may be enough to scare anyone!

Everyone will have different beliefs in the paranormal and what we may experience. Being put in a dark and scary environment that people are not used to can change the way people behave and react, so we ask that during the event we all respect each other, as well as our different views and opinions. It is peoples different opinions to the paranormal that keep our ghost hunts real and grounded. We may have complete believers, skeptic's and those who sit on the fence but we welcome and respect everyone's point of view. We cannot guarantee paranormal activity, we work in very old buildings that have creaky floor boards and stair cases, noises from old heating and water systems, so not everything you hear may be paranormal- it is always better to try and de-bunk or question something first before we start having a conversation with taps and bangs from the water pipes!
We also ask that whilst with us, please respect the location we are in. We are extremely fortunate to have these wonderful buildings to ourselves for the night, some of them are national trust or grade II listed buildings and contain some expensive/old furniture and items, so we just need to be mindful of this whilst in the dark!
Our terms and conditions are available for you to view on our website and we will also send a copy to you via email when you book on to an event. We advise that you read these before you arrive.

Behaviour policy

Twilight ghost hunts want all of our guests to feel welcome and safe at all times. One disruptive person can have a detrimental effect on the event and ruin the evening for other guests. We have a strict behaviour code that must be adhered to at all times and all guests should be aware of this.

Absolutely no behaviour that is deemed as inappropriate or  disruptive to our events or the guests on it, is tolerated or accepted. Any body who behaves in this manner will be automatically removed from the event regardless of any difficulties with transport or weather conditions.

If you cannot make your ghost hunt with us then please call the office on 07966 103113 so that we may let the members of team know at the event that are waiting for you to arrive.