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Tarot Card Readings

Twilight Ghost Hunts - tarot card readings

Laura is our resident tarot card reader here at Twilight Ghost hunts. Readings are £20 and you can book anytime. Here Laura will explain how the online reading system works.

"I started reading tarot cards for friends and family and then asking via Facebook if any of my friends wanted a reading. Before long I was giving people readings via Facebook daily and receiving some really lovely feedback. I am always in awe of the amazing comments people leave, it gives me such pleasure to be given the opportunity to read people. I use, on line here at Twilight, the same formula as I use via Facebook, as this is the way it works for me. I use up to four sets of tarot cards, a traditional deck, illimunati deck, carnival deck and a gothic deck. I ask the person being read, to send me a set of 5 of numbers between 1-78 (there are 78 cards in the tarot decks) and I select these numbers from the decks the customer has chosen. I also incorporate crystals in to the card reading, before the reading begins I will select any crystals that i feel drawn to for the person I am reading and use these and the crystal ball as a focal point. It is at this point, whilst shuffling your cards and focussing on the ball and crystals that i will try to 'tune in' with you, to try and establish a connection with you. Random bits will pop in and I will note these down for you, then i will select your cards and lay them face down and finish off with the connection. Then i will turn over your cards and give a general over view on what I have in front of me, so the prominant things that are jumping out at me. Then I will read each card individually for you, deck by deck. I work a little bit like catch phrase, I say what I see. I will give the most honest reading I can and try to get as much information and details from the cards as possible. Having a reading can be really great fun and can offer insight in to your current or future situations, however it is for entertainment purposes only and it is up to you to decide whether you can connect the reading to you or your life. It  is very important that you do not base any important lifestyle decisions based on ANY reading that you receive".
Your reading will be sent via email when booking with me, so when booking it is easier if you contact us via our email
Once you have sent all details required, you will receive your reading within 72 hours - we have to allow this time frame due to the high demand and volume of readings booked in.

Twilight Ghost Hunts - tarot card readings

Having a reading can be a very personal thing and all readings and personal information  are totally confidential.

After your reading I am always welcome to receive questions you may have. I always love to hear your feedback and if you are kind enough to leave a short testimonial or comment for others to see on our facebook page  that is always fantastic as it can really help other people decide if they would like a reading with me. The best kind of recommendation is through word of mouth! If you would like to read any of the comments left from other clients who have had readings with myself then please visit the facebook page to view.

We do also offer a reading parties package, where we two or several of our readers can come to your home to offer readings including Tarot, tea leaf and aura readings as well as reiki treatments and spiritual healing. We charge £25.00pp and the amount of people that can be booked in to a reading party does depend on how far our readers need to travel. For more information please contact us via email or call 07966103113 and ask to speak to Laura who can help you with any advise or info you need.